About Us

Elite Games is a locally owned small business that was created by Nate Zimmerman and Jeromy Snyder.


Our company got started by buying and selling video games over the internet.  While it was convenient, all of our business was done with people we couldn’t even see let alone get to know.  Knowing we wanted to open up a store to serve the local communities.  We opened our first store in downtown Lewisburg in December of 2010.  Then in April of 2012 we opened a Loyal Plaza store in Williamsport and phased out Lewisburg.


We knew we didn’t want to be part of a franchise.  We wanted to have a video game store, but we wanted something different.  We think you will notice that Elite Games is not your typical video game store as soon as you walk in the door.  Look up and you’ll see the tiles that will remind you of your early gaming days.  We sell new games, pre-owned games, blu-rays, vintage games and numerous game accessories.


Stop in at Elite Games often, because our inventory changes daily.  You never know what you may find.